14 de marzo de 2014

Terrorists in Venezuela attack a famous orchestra conductor and try to burn his dog alive

Havid Sanchez, renowned conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Maracaibo, was strongly attacked by violent opponents to the Chavismo who maintained a blockage near his home, while  he was helping a family trying to get through a barricade to take their son to the hospital.  

The famous musician Havid Sanchez came out in a wheelchair (he suffers from emphysema and severe heart condition) with his dog to protest a burning barricade in front of his house.

He was then
attacked with stones by the violent demonstrators who also tried to burn alive his petdog. Luckily both are recovered successfully.

Sánchez , born in 1943. S
ince 1971 has been Associate Conductor of the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, and from 2009 until 2010 he was the Main Conductor of the Orchesta . He is one of the most respected musicians and academic in Zulia State, Venezuela.

Source: Victor Hugo Majano at http://la-tabla.blogspot.de/

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  1. Es que son unos psicópatas que puede esperarse! lo que hace falta son manicomios. Ojalá se les pudiese borrar el Disco duro y grabarles el amor por la patria, valores, sensibilidad y todo lo que hace uque un país y un mundo mejor sea posible